About Steve Trenhaile – Your Contain-A-Pet Dealer

Steve Trenhaile was born and raised on a small dairy farm in the upper mid-west and graduated from high school in the 70s. He worked in the utility, construction, and communication fields. He was a service tech, service manager and then started his own communication service company. Providing outstanding customer service and dealing with clients on a personal level has always been a top priority of Steve.

In 1995 Steve met the owner of Contain-A-Pet in this area. After working with him for a period of time as a installation consultant, Steve was offered the dealership and jumped at the chance. He loves working with dogs and their owners and could not pass up the opportunity.

Being up front, having integrity, not only understanding what he can offer as a fence company, but to be able to address what the needs and concerns are of the pet owners, has always been of utmost importance to Steve.

Since becoming a Contain-A-Pet dealer, Steve has helped many pet owners to fully enjoy the pleasures of pet ownership. With Contain-A-Pet, pet owners and their pets can enjoy a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Contain-A-Pet of Central VA area of coverage and phone numbers are below. Feel free to call him for a no obligation estimate. I guarantee you will learn something about your dog that you never knew before.

Lynchburg 434-665-9860

Roanoke 540-871-7387

Bedford, Smith Mountain Lake 800-949-7387