Roanoke Dog Fence Vs Remote Trainer

It is understandable that consumers want the best products for their pets at the best price. But the cheapest option is not always the best option, especially if your are considering a training collar over a Roanoke Dog Fence system. Training collars provide a negative stimulus when a button is pushed. Yes, this can boundary train a dog over a matter of weeks but the problem lies in that you must be present when your dog tries to leave the area. Most Dog owners do not spend every waking moment watching their dog. If the dog crosses the boundary and no correction is given then the dog gets mixed signals. Now I can and now I can’t is something a dog does not understand. Consistency is the key to any dog training!

Training Issues

If not used correctly a training collar can cause sever psychological damage to your pet. If you do not spend enough time flag training or establishing the boundaries of your yard the dog will become confused. Some will not even go into the yard for fear because they do not know where the correction will happen. With a Roanoke Dog Fence that will not happen!

Roanoke Dog Fence

Roanoke Dog Fences cause no visual obstructions. They are the perfect solution for containing your dog safely. The biggest plus is that you have a True Dog Professional working with you through the training and ensuring your dog is safely contained in your yard. Within a short period of time your dog will be running free. You will enjoy the peace of mind the Roanoke Dog Fence provides and you dog will enjoy the freedom they deserve.

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