Contain-A-Pet Electronic Fence Products

The Contain-A-Pet Electronic Dog Fence system which includes the dog fence transmitter (wall unit) and the electronic fence dog collar (box attached to the dog collar) is basically a tiny computer. The electronic dog fence collar and the transmitter both contain computer software chips and are fully programmable.

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Electronic Dog Fence Transmitter

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The Contain-A-Pet electronic dog fence Transmitter covers it all. Many companies offer different transmitters at different price levels. Yard size makes no difference to our system. Contain-A-Pet offers one transmitter that does it all. Manufactured in the USA. We believe the quality of our electronic dog fence containment system is light years better than those products made in China and it keeps America working.

Electronic Dog Fence Collars

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Contain-A-Pet offers two different styles of electronic dog fence collars. They are the Omni 7000 (small receiver) and the Big Brother (large receiver). The Omni is just a shade over 1 ounce! One of the smallest and strongest dog fence collars in the pet containment industry. 

Both electronic dog fence collars are mini computers. We have state of the art digital technology to ensure the collars will not activate on false signals. Both electronic dog fence collars carry a limited lifetime warranty on the electronics. You will never have to worry about buying a replacement collar due to failed electronics again!


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